PsycheBites are a mixture of psychology-spirituality-philosophy.  Since lived experience doesn’t come parceled into categories like university departments, insight into the ways we experience life can’t be limited to a particular “field of study.”  We live in a sea of feeling, thinking, willing, loving, fearing, striving, getting stuck, transcending. 

The roots of psychology are in the world’s spiritual traditions, a fact often forgotten or ignored.  But the word ‘psyche’ itself, best translated as ‘soul’,  calls us to remember this origin.  The Greek letter ψ (psi), written as the letter ‘y’ in the header because it happens to resemble it, is the first letter of ‘psyche’.

PsycheBites comes from my work as a psychotherapist and my experience with spiritual traditions–both from my background as a rabbi and as an explorer in other streams of wisdom.

My posts reflect a psychodynamic way of thinking.  Rather than explain what I mean by this in the abstract, I hope you will try reading some of them.  Perhaps they will be spurs to your own thinking and feeling.  If so, I’d like to hear your thoughts.

For more information on my psychotherapy practice in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and South Orange, New Jersey, visit my website:   http://DanielALehrman.com


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